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Self-service laundry for dogs


Start and be the first to have a self-service dog wash. Great business idea with little investment. Passive income without employees.

Start a business with little investment - be the first!

Pet Washing and grooming is the need of every owner and anyone who wants his pet to be regularly clean, free of parasites, to shed less, and for his fur and skin to be in good health. Our self-service bathing and dog grooming machines are a great idea for business because they allow pets to be bathed with ease and with one click.

This business idea of self-service dog bathing machines is a completely new idea in our market and certainly represents a good challenge for anyone who with a minimum investment can very quickly return the investment and make a profit.

There are several reasons to start a SMART business:

  • GermanPro machines are completely new on the market and have no competition.
  • Minimum investment ,
  • Profitability – the return on investment is very fast and the profit starts.
  • There are no employees – the machine does everything itself at the request of the user.
  • It takes up little space – great for smaller business spaces.
  • Quality machine construction, which means longevity in operation.
  • Easy implementation of the machine – can be placed anywhere (in dog salons, five friendly hotels, five friendly shopping malls, etc.)
  • Very easy to use for clients.
  • Minimal maintenance.


Self-service dog laundries

Self-service dog bathing machine, is a completely new species …..

Self-service trimmer for dogs

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Self-service dog dryer

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With Pride, we present several of our realized projects … Soon new products throughout Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro.


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GermanPro Classic

  • cashmere
  • led advertising screen
  • timer to control minute operation.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

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GermanPro Ultra

  • Cash machine
  • Touch screen
  • Led advertising screen
  • LAN WiFi monitoring Cloud server


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GermanPro Smart

  • Touch screen
  • cashmere
  • Token
  • LAN WiFi monitoring


Pet trimmer

New Smart pet care product from GermanPro. We present you a self-service trimmer for pets without employees, simply for every pet owner.

  • Independent work on tokens.
  • Top haircut equipment.
  • Digital machine operation.
  • High quality workmanship.

“He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and honest, to the last breath. Be worthy of his loyalty. ”




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