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Self-service bath for bathing dogs – instructions

Dog Washer 5000 – Work programs


Water with shampoo, rub in detail into the dog’s hair by crossing it by hand. Time from 2 to 4 min.


Rinse the shampoo with water. Rinsing time from 1 to 2 min.


For easier combing of the dog and for shiny and soft hair. Time from 1 to 2 min.

Flea shampoo

Rinse the dog with flea shampoo, leave to stand for 30-60 seconds.


Drying the dog with a professional hair dryer. Time 5 min. depending on the dog’s coat.

Bath disinfection

After bathing and drying the dog, disinfect the bathtub. Time 30-60 seconds.

How to use a self-service dog bathing system?

  1. Start bathing your dog by placing your dog in the bathing area and securing it.
  2. Remove the necklace.
  3. Start paying by placing coins, tokens, paper money, mobile phone or credit card.
  4. Now press the shampoo button on the screen. Take a shower and press a button. Be sure to direct the dog shower at the first jet as the water heats up and takes a few seconds to adjust to the ideal temperature for the dog.
  5. When the water gets warm, start shampooing the dog. Since water and shampoo mix, it is much faster than shampooing at home in the bathtub or shower.
  6. When you feel that the dog is sufficiently shampooed, press the rinse button and rinse the shampoo for approximately 1 to 2 minutes.
  7. Then press the conditioner for softness and shine to the hair. And after that flea and tick shampoo. Take the blow dryer and press the dry button on the screen or the hair dryer button.
  8. If more time is needed, there is a possibility to increase the time by adding money for 30 seconds more after the washing period.
  9. There is a signal that warns you of the last 30 seconds.
  10. You can stop or start at the start-stop button at any time.