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Questions and answers

What is the consumption of shampoo when bathing dogs in this self-service laundry?

About 10 liters of concentrated GermanPro shampoo is used for bathing 100 dogs.

What options are available to the user of the self-service laundry?

The user can choose the following options: shampoo, rinse water, conditioner, flea repellent, slow or strong drying.

Can I use my own bath products or only the ones I get from GermanPro?

You can use your own products if they are compatible with pumps and lines. Be careful not to use poor quality products that are not suitable for the machine as this will void the warranty. We supply specially defined products for self-service laundries.


How do I keep my dog in the laundry?

There is a chain for tying the dog in the machine. Also, the pages are high enough that most small and average dogs can’t jump out.



Is additional assembly of the GermanPro self-service laundry required?

No, the machine comes to your location via the “Plug and play” system – which means that after delivery it is turned on and connected and the machine is ready for operation.



What payment options are available to users?

All our dog bathing machines can be equipped with a coin validator and a banknote reader.




What currency does the dog machine accept?

We set up the coin validator as well as the banknote reader to work with the currency of your country.



How much is the warranty?

1 year



How long does it take to make a self-service dog bathing machine?

4-6 weeks, if not very crowded. Of course, our goal is to deliver the machine to you as soon as possible so that your business can be realized as soon as possible.



Can the machine be installed for outdoor use?

He can stand outside, but in a box. Not in the sun and rain. Due to the cold weather, installation in bars is recommended.



What is needed to install a self-service laundry?

You need two 220 sockets, a fresh water supply and a drain connection (similar to a washing machine), which means (. And drain f 50 mm.



What is the maximum energy consumption?

6 kw



How much water does the machine use per bath?

From 20 to 40 l per bath.



What is the noise level during drying?

58 Db



What is the maximum weight of a dog that a machine can withstand?

80 kg



How does the GermanPro self-service dog wash work?

The self-service dog bathing machine is designed to be easy for the user, similar to a self-service car wash. When the user enters a payment, the timer allows him to use the time he paid for in the way he chooses. The user can choose the washing options – it’s up to you! All products are immersed in a jet of water, which allows most dogs to bathe within a few minutes.



Self-service dog bathing machines – the business they get!

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